The Azure Blue Door

This is the story behind the blue door photos. On an effort to teach a course in Athens, Greece, the rest of us also planned to teach in Heraklion, Crete. Near Elounda, a spot called Plaka faced the island of Spinalonga which appears less than a half mile away. There, the blue door mimics the warm and shallow Mediterranean waters as it looks east. is a site that I’ve been working on for the past year. The name of the site comes from personal trips to the island of Crete where the Mediterranean Sea has layers upon layers of beautiful blue waters, and many of the doors to homes and buildings on the coasts are painted with similar colors to reflect this rich quality. I’m using this as an analogy for the time we spend gazing into the Bible looking for the complex, yet rich, Jesus, and hopefully we appear to others as doors that reflect Him in this world. I’m trying to fill the site with a variety of studies and entries, bit by bit, that have helped my understanding of the kingdom of God, and prayerfully, will stimulate or aid others in their conversations about the kingdom of God.

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