Bat”ism” & Baptism

For many who are familiar with the biblical texts which include the stories of people being baptized, this video will add one more story, in hope that God will encourage others to look carefully at the biblical story of Jesus. Although not in the video (the video is limited in its ability to exhaust the connection between Jesus’ story and baptism), Jesus’ story is a climax of a much larger story, Israel’s. Jesus’ story will connect in many ways with theirs. The Gospels are quick to tell us that Jesus was baptized along with Israelites who were immersed into the Jordan confessing their sins. Jesus didn’t have sins to be confessed. So, why was He baptized by John? One major reason was that Israel’s God was often depicted as a shepherd (Psalm 23; cf. John 10) who provided security for His sheep. Jesus was not only forming a new Israel, one with a pure heart like God’s, but Jesus was leading them out of slavery to the world’s greatest captor, Satan. Just like Israel was delivered from Pharaoh and the Egyptian armies through the Red Sea, Jesus was delivering Israel once again through the baptismal waters foreshadowing His death, where He would drag the evil captor into the abyss and drown his power over death. For this reason, God would exalt Jesus as Lord and Christ [King]; (Acts 2:36). Peter explains in Acts 2 that all of this that Jesus did and said, from the beginning of John the Baptist’s baptism pointed to the reality and fulfillment of Jesus as Lord of all nations. In other words, God raised Jesus from the dead because sin and death were powerless over Him. Jesus would ascend to the heavenly realm to demonstrate that God’s sovereign saving rule had been launched. His kingdom had been established. How should people respond? Believe in Jesus and His story, and enter that kingdom through faith by being immersed in water. Be baptized in connection with Jesus’ story, His climax to Israel’s story, His kingdom fulfilling death, burial, resurrection, and ascension to God’s throne. Become part of Jesus’ community, who’ve received the Holy Spirit…who’re are being led by His Spirit through prayer and discipleship to create the redeemed world God desires. What are you waiting for?

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