Matthew 15:29-39 The Lame, Blind, Crippled, and Mute


This audio file is recorded reading of Wright’s commentary on the Gospel of Matthew in 15:29-39.

It appears the story of Jesus’ ministry continues to develop for Matthew’s readers (and us). Isaiah 35 is the background that provides the imagery for Jesus not only feeding the 4000 men besides women and children, but it also provides and frames the reasons we read of the lame, blind, crippled, mute and many others that are healed on the mountain (15:29). In Isaiah 35 Israel was being redeemed from exile and brought safely back to the land. All of this teaching and deeds Jesus did signified (signed, cf. the blindness in 16:1-12) that God was bringing in the anticipated kingdom designed to rescue the world. Recall the Canaanite woman’s comprehension of the kingdom message, her faith, and we can begin to appreciate why her’s was called great.

Are we able to rescue the people of the world as God’s people in a similar way such as Jesus did in Matthew 15:29-39?



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